Weekly Dartscast Episode 232: John O’Shea, Jules van Dongen, Nick Fullwell, Q-School Review

Co-hosts Alex Moss and Burton DeWitt are back with a new episode after Q-School!

Former World Master John O’Shea (14:39) calls in after winning a tour card at the UK Q-School, reflects on a memorable week in Milton Keynes and looks ahead to the exciting next chapter in his darts career.

Jules van Dongen (54:23) joins us after winning a tour card on his Q-School debut, over in Germany, and talks through his darts career so far, and how moving to America and playing with friends led to him pursuing the game further in the last two years.

Nick Fullwell (1:22:23) stops by to chat with Matthew Kiernan after winning a tour card on the final day of UK Q-School, the winner-takes-all clash with his good friend Matthew Dennant on the last day, as well as his hopes for the next two years on the main PDC tour.

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