Q-School Stage One Diary: Mark Venables, Graham Usher, Nick Fullwell, Josh Burksfield

Matthew Kiernan is back with his Q-School Diary!

Mark Venables (00:00) calls in ahead of the start of Q-School to discuss his hopes for the week, the darts scene in the Isle of Man, and how online darts helped his game during the pandemic.

Graham Usher (10:58) stops by after qualifying for the Final Stage of Q-School to talk through winning on the opening day of Stage One, his plans for his two days off, and supporting Leighton Bennett.

Nick Fullwell (24:05) calls in after also securing his Final Stage spot on the first day of Stage One to look back on his day’s results, and also explain why it was a last-minute decision to enter Q-School this year.

Josh Burksfield (31:06) joins us after clinching his Final Stage spot on the second day of Stage One and discusses his campaign so far, working for a darts manufacturer, and his hopes for the rest of the week.

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