Weekly Dartscast Episode 294: UK Open Opening Session Special with Adam Gawlas, Kevin Doets, Radek Szagański and more

Guest host Matthew Kiernan is back with a special on the road episode from the UK Open.

The Darting Nerd made the trip to Minehead for the opening session of the FA Cup of Darts on Friday, and spoke to tour-card holders Owen Roelofs, Jeffrey Sparidaans, Damian Mol, Lee Evans, Radek Szaganski, Graham Usher, George Killington, Adam Gawlas and Kevin Doets.

Matthew also chatted to Development Tour qualifier Christopher Holt, Riley’s Amateur Qualifiers Noel Grant, Danny Lauby Jnr, Daniel Lee and Gary Davey, as well as some of the fans at Minehead.

Plus, Matthew brings us his catch up with the Darts Atlas head honcho Matt Langan from Riley’s Victoria earlier this week.


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