Women’s World Matchplay Special with Lisa Ashton, Lorraine Winstanley, Aileen de Graaf, Laura Turner, Rhian Griffiths, Katie Sheldon, Chloe O’Brien, Polly James, Abigail Davies

Producer Hanna Frostman is back with a special episode from the Winter Gardens ahead of the inaugural Women’s World Matchplay.

In this special episode you will hear from Lisa Ashton (00:37), Aileen de Graaf (08:37), Laura Turner (16:03), Katie Sheldon (25:34), Lorraine Winstanley (32:48), Chloe O’Brien (40:24) and Rhian Griffiths (50:13) ahead of playing in the first Women’s World Matchplay on Sunday.

Plus, Sky Sports reporter Polly James (54:54) and talkSPORT’s Abigail Davies (1:07:17) also stop by ahead of a ground-breaking day in the women’s game.

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Picture: PDC

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