2020 Premier League Prediction League Standings (after night 7)

Here are the standings in our 2020 Premier League Prediction League after night 7. @glensportnews leads the way on 45 points.

The winner of our Prediction League wins a signed set of Michael van Gerwen darts courtesy of our friends at Winmau.

Our Prediction League is FREE to enter. Each matchday we will tweet the template on Twitter, just retweet with comment (quote) the tweet to get your picks in.

45 glensportnews
39 TangerineCMS53
38 Banjo116538
35 kevingreen07, 180TheLaw
33 ScoringIndy
32 LDT_0410, d6sixx6
30 BrawndoLabs, joeroberts1995, CaptMikeYates
29 pshsixn
28 josephkilduff1, kfinch1987
27 con1010ISL, bazza080808
26 George141414
24 DarrenBarnard1
22 RafaBeder
21 JRTerrier24
20 DartsPPR180, feeney77
19 jakobussss
18 Ryan_Lewis226, Harry Oliver 07, Chrismilesmeida
17 sctkwok, Stevenmann84
16 Shimbelos
10 McmurrayJimmy
8 jeremybradley49
7 owenfinn180
6 BGazeley
5 ISTB87, LewisEvans02
4 Charlie10644202, ethan_Packard15
2 davidgrest, Sporting Goose, prime Wallace, drchris123
1 BertieVenTertie, DBelisle22, Lyncher18
0 RyanMurphy_9


Alex Moss – 23
Burton DeWitt – 23

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